Camino de Cruces National Park was created in 1992 to conserve tropical forest ecosystems and species and to promote environmental education, the interpretation of nature and knowledge of the historical and cultural resources in the region. This park connects Soberania National Park to the north with Metropolitan Natural Park to the south, creating a natural biological corridor for many species.

Principal attractions and assets:
Some 85% of the park is covered by tropical forests that are home to varied forest wildlife, and it also has lakes, lagoons, wetlands, rivers and waterfalls. It has various trails: On the Capricornio Trail one can appreciate marmoset monkeys, coati mundis, two-toed and three-toed sloths and different bird species. The El Mirador Trail offers a panoramic view of the forest canopy and a sector of Panama City. The Los Guardaparques Trail has points at which one can appreciate the waters and wildlife of Brazo Camaron Lake, and its highest point offers an extraordinary view of the Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks. The Cardenas Ruins (or Palangana) Trail offers segments of history, from the early days of the US occupation of the old Canal Zone. The Camino de Cruces Trail offers an extraordinary cobblestone stretch of the Camino de Cruces, thus allowing contact with the history of this important colonial-era interoceanic route. The Ciclo Ruta Bicycle Path is a mountain biking trail that this park shares with Soberania National park as far as Chivo Chivo, which goes through mature forests as well as areas being reforested with native trees and understory plants, and which is home to a great variety of birds. The Camaron Trail joins the Capricornio Trail and the Camino de Cruces Trail, and its principal attraction in its own right is the bird watching.

Bathrooms, parking, information booths, trails

Every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The headquarters is located on Via Centenario, on the east side of the Centenario Bridge.

Entry fees:
Foreigners $5.00, Panamanian citizens $3.00, Panamanian students $1.00, Retirees $1.50

Phone 500-0855

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